Stunning PS5 Spider-Man design is the one we really want

This is what a PS5 could look like with a Spider-Man: Miles Morales special edition skin.

Commissioned by LetsGoDigital, this sinister-looking design and promo video was made by Snoreyn, real name Giuseppe Spinelli. He has designed several different PS5 concepts and variants for LGD in the past, including the all-black PS5 that this design seems to be based on.

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The trailer shows two slightly different versions – one for the standard PS5 and another for the PS5 Digital Edition. It’s similar to Snoreyn’s previous black design, except with red detailing, red LEDs, and a 3D spider logo in the center of a glossy web pattern.

It’s designed to look like Miles Morales’ slightly different take on Peter Parker’s red Spidey Suit. And just like the comic book and movie version, this design is an excellent adaptation of a classic.

While most of this design is entirely achievable in real life, what may not be possible is the LED lighting. There’s been no sign of LEDs on the stock PS5, which makes sense given the PS4 didn’t have any either; it used blue, white, and orange colors in its light strip.

But since gamers, particularly those on PC, are fans of brightly colored lights to draw attention to their hardware, adding LEDs to this design will probably be a popular decision if this ever became reality.

The DualSense controller has also been given a speculative makeover. There’s a similar glossy spider web design and red highlighting to the main console, but also the text “Be Yourself,” the game’s tagline.

There have been several special PS4 skins made by Sony in the past, including one for the original release of Spider-Man in 2018.

Sony has promised a more customizable console than before however, with the side panels of the PS5 likely removable to be replaced with a design of the user’s choice. It’ll make changing your PS5’s looks a lot easier than applying stickers or needing to purchase an entirely new console.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a smaller-scale sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, this time focussing on Miles, the new and younger web-slinger. Buying the PS4 version gives you a free upgrade to a PS5 version when you buy the new console. But if you buy the Ultimate Edition of the game on PS5, you’ll also get access to the remastered edition of the original.

A long wait may be in store for anyone who doesn’t already have a PS5 pre-order in place. The demand for the new PlayStation was just as high as you’d expect, with many retailers now promising deliveries by early 2021, in case they can’t make the November 12/19 launch dates. It’s the same story with Microsoft and the Xbox Series X too, so at least PlayStation fans can take some comfort from that.