8 Best 1980s Gadgets that Defined a Decade

For those who were alive in the 1980’s they seemed much simpler in many ways, many of the high tech gadgets we have today were not even thought of. Social media wasn’t invented and there was not even a hint of a smartphone or tablet. Imagine a world with no internet at all! But don’t think for a minute that the 80s were a boring analogue age, in many ways they paved the way for the gadgets we have today. Check out these 8 best 1980’s gadgets that defined a decade.

1. Casio Databank

How cool was this watch? Many of these are still sold on the likes of eBay today, you can even get watch faces in a Casio style for your smartwatch. One of the most desirable was the original gold version of the watch, the DBC 610. First released around 1985 and was later re-released because the demand for it was so high. Able to store data and calculate any exam answer this 1980’s smartwatch was years ahead of its time.