6 Best Smart Home Devices Money Can Buy

In a world now being flooded with smart home devices, it can be very hard to know which device is worth its money and also offers the best options for your smart home. Things change quickly so doing your research for a device that will last the test of ‘tech time’ is well worth it. Samsung, Google, Nest, Phillips and Amazon are some of the current top names in smart home tech. Let us help you with this list of the best 6 smart home devices you can buy…

1. Amazon Echo Plus

Probably the best smart home hub at this moment the Amazon Echo Plus is a tempting buy. Many people believe Amazon kick-started the smart home revolution that has dominated our lives for the past few years with it’s Echo speaker, inspiring similar devices from Google, Apple and Samsung. The 2nd Generation Echo Plus is their best Echo so far offering thousands of voice commands to help you play your favourite tunes (via Amazon’s best quality Echo speaker yet) or tell you the weather, the Echo Plus also comes with its own smart hub meaning you don’t need any other hubs for your smart home devices. Of course, most home gadgets are also compatible with Alexa too!

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